In an ever evolving industry dominated by giants, data can make a big difference in acquiring fickle consumers who have an array of choices and the ability to switch carriers and devices easily.

Stories that data can tell for the telecommunications industry.

  • When consumers are ready to change carriers or devices
  • How telcos and device carriers measure up against their competitors from a country level to a geo hash level,
  • How effective is the sales force in a given area
  • Behaviour and characteristics of high value consumers.


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ADA Tunjuk Suraj Gerard Sivaprasad Sebagai Managing Director Baru untuk Indonesia


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Suraj Gerard Sivaprasad jadi Managing Director Baru untuk ADA di Indonesia

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Suraj Gerard Sivaprasad Kini Managing Director ADA Indonesia, Efektif per Januari 2021.


ADA Tunjuk Suraj Gerard Sivaprasad Sebagai Managing Director ADA Indonesia

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Managing Director Baru untuk Indonesia

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Case Studies

Disrupting Giants | The Yoodo Case Study | Malaysia

Yoodo had recently launched as Malaysia’s first and only fully digital telco provider. Find out how Yoodo increased their monthly active users and improve retargeting efforts with data insights.