Don’t Go Dark On Your Customers During This Year’s Stay-At-Home Ramadan

With Ramadan season just weeks away, and physical restrictions preventing on-set shooting of new video content, how can brands continue to make an impact during this important festive period?

We can help.

ADA’s data shows that during the COVID-19 crisis, consumer behaviour has shifted. We expect to see a stay-at-home version of Ramadan this year.

But that doesn’t mean brands should stop their marketing. Customers still want to hear from you.

During an important spiritual and religious season like Ramadan, you can continue to make a difference to your consumers. Read our Ramadan trends to find out how consumers will change their behaviour this year.

Our data experts dived into our XACT data, which has over 375 million datasets.

We found that this year, during Ramadan:

1. Offline activities will continue to fall but this doesn’t mean your customers have disappeared.
2. Many will seek out online substitutes instead, creating a new stay at home version of Ramadan.
3. By understanding the type of personas that emerge in this new stay at home Ramadan period, you can ensure you’re still top of mind with them.

Not sure where to start?

ADA’s Creative & Video Automation allows you to:

  1. Repurpose existing brand assets into brand new creative content that speak to your audience in this current climate
  2. Edit your long-form videos into multiple, personalised short-form content and enhance this with data-driven insights for better targeting
  3. Curate hygiene videos quickly and efficiently, so you brand is always visible


We can help turn your old into new

We can rework your old videos for new audiences or cut your video into multiple short blurbs to reach different personas. Whatever that works for your brand, we can provide it starting from only US$108 per video*.

*T&C apply

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