What we achieve for our clients are not superficial vanity metrics. We can deep dive into more than 200 attributes of raw and derived data, that’s unique to our consumer sets. This means we achieve true tangible and valuable results for our clients.

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ADA, the ‘Agency of the Future’ helps businesses win with a one-stop solution agency model. Read on to grow your business with us today.

data driven marketing agency in malaysia

Customer Acquisition

When you have digital KPIs that you need to acquire, we can help you at zero risks to you. Just click and go.

If you’re in the Banking & Financial Institution industry and looking for new customers, we can get you the leads. Get in touch now.

data driven marketing

Business Insights

Want to achieve more? Data can provide valuable insights for you to make better business decisions. Talk to our experts now.


How do you reach non-digital natives? ADA bridges the digital gap by using a fundamentally ignored “old tech”. Ask us how.

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