Robi Case Study: 

Creatively Winning Hearts Through Data During the Pandemic

Robi Case Study: 

Creatively Winning
Hearts Through
Data During
the Pandemic

The Scope

The biggest challenge for telco brands is a general lack of affinity with consumers. Communication between telcos and their customers are at best, purely utility; and at worst, a channel for complaints.

When COVID-19 hit, many brands started to quickly pivot their messaging and consumers became inundated with supportive messages from brands. So much so that by May 2020, consumers were starting to get tired of “We’re with You” ads, according to a study by Adobe.

With Father’s Day in Bangladesh being more than a month away, how could Robi make sure that its Father’s Day messaging was still relevant while avoiding fatigue with consumers?

The ADA Approach

We realised that in order to cut through the clutter, we needed to go beyond gut-feel or waiting for that magic spark to hit. Instead, we used data to uncover the consumer mindset or that “instinct” that drives individual emotions or actions.

Using a simple framework, we were able to give Robi that exponential moonshot growth in brand sentiment that it needed. The framework starts with data – by analysing the actual digital footprint and behaviour of our target audience to uncover the unconscious mind’s real need. We then recalibrated our understanding to truly align with the consumers’ “whys”. Finally, we used this to inform the content tonality and derive the creative expression that was used for the campaign.

As COVID-19 cases spiked, the usage of video streaming and communication apps saw a 226% increase, while there was a 713% increase in Bangladeshis relocating away from city centers. Upon delving into their personas, we found that most of them were students. Bangladeshis also became increasingly concerned with ensuring that family members are taken care of and that they remain healthy.

Through data we uncovered that there was an increased need to communicate more. But we recalibrated that insight to understand that the reason “why” was out of a concern for the wellbeing of their family members. We then used this insight to inform the content tonality, which formed our creative expression.

The Campaign

We then built on the insights gathered from our data to form our creative expression that told the story of a student coming home to stay with his father and injected the brand by leveraging on the fact that app usage is increasing.

To celebrate the contribution of every father, Robi crafted a video to share the story of a father caring for his family and his son during the pandemic.

The Outcome

The video resonated extremely well with consumers and was the top performing content on social media in June 2020.


Increase in positive sentiment


Increase in share of voice

6.4 million

Video views, over 32% organic

Over 6.6x

More mentions than the market leader

The campaign also received overwhelming organic support from local influencers, thus delivering an extremely high ROI on earned media.

Robi’s Father’s Day campaign proved that a creative expression derived from an insight informed by data can unlock the consumer mindset and touch hearts.