Case Study: 

Record-Breaking 60,000 Customers Engaged for Leading Seasoning Brand

The Objective

To drive more usage of a leading seasoning brand by increasing product awareness and customer engagement through innovative and localised food recipes.

The ADA Approach

In order to increase engagement beyond regular telemarketing, we carried out an Interactive Voice Response (IVR) campaign where customers could request for selected food recipes via SMS.

Customers had to call a dedicated mobile number for the campaign that was displayed on all ad mediums. After choosing their preferred language, the customer is then asked to choose a recipe and enter the assigned recipe number. The customer then receives an automatic message of the chosen recipe.

In order to optimise cost and to ensure we were speaking to the right target audience, the campaign also targeted a specific custom audience that reached out to mothers and housewives of a specific age group living in selected suburbs in Sri Lanka.

The Outcome

Over 60,000

consumers engaged from phase 1 to 3

10,000 calls

secured within a month