Starbucks Case Study: 

Reclaim TopofMind Awareness for Starbucks in Jakarta

The Objective

To reclaim Starbucks’ position of being the leading brand for coffee in Jakarta. 

The ADA Approach

A burgeoning local coffee player had been stealing the attention of the invaluable Professionals, Managers, Executive, and Businessmen (PMEB) demographic in Jakarta. 

In order to regain topofmind awareness amongst professionals in Jakarta, Starbucks used ADA Reach as a way to target a large location-specific audience base.  

However, as Starbucks visually arresting seasonal introductions are often scene stealers, it would be a miss for them to use a text-based medium. Instead, we were able to develop a campaign that targeted office buildings and leveraged on our vast telco network with rich display banners to achieve the campaign objectives.  

The Outcome

6.5 Million



Lower than Cost per Thousand Impressions