Reach – Indonesia

Reach – Indonesia

Breakthrough the clutter and reach your customers in Indonesia with the latest data-driven and integrated mobile marketing solutions.​​

Reach Business helps your brand achieve desired business objectives through a 360-experience to reach your customers, engage with them, and reward them in real time.​​​

Available in the countries below:

Yogi Triharso​

Country Director of Reach Business, ADA in Indonesia​

Yogi Triharso ADA Indonesia Reach
As Country Director of Reach for ADA in Indonesia, Yogi leads media, programmatic and RTB expertise with a focus on leveraging data to solve business problems.
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Reach more customers

Simplified enrollment​​

Automate campaigns via an application programming interface (API) integration​.

Connect with potential customers instantly​

Advanced segmentation powered by XACT data management platform (DMP)​.

Elevated read and response rates​

Increase up to 98% SMS open rate and as high as 45% response rates. ​

Efficiently track results​

Reporting analytics tools, which allow you to track open rates, CTRs, offers, and redemptions in real time.

How our solutions can help your business

Bulk SMS Marketing [Application-2-Person (A2P)]​

Create personalised messages to your customers.​

Fast delivery, up to 250 transactions per second to your audience. ​

Generate one-time password (OTP).

Targeted SMS Marketing Campaigns​

Target specific audiences via personas based on our data science capabilities and by location via SMS & MMS channels​.​

Person-2-Application (P2A) Messaging​

Individuals can easily interact with your business via text messaging, providing a seamless, quick and trusted route for client-business communications​.

Leverage on Telco Inventory​​​

Instant rewards.

Drive traffic via location-based advertising.​

Display ad placement on top websites and apps​.

Higher engagement rate with your customer via unstructured supplementary service data (USSD).

Maximise efficiency with intelligent call routing.

Case Study

Gaming Moms | Friesland Campina Case Study | Indonesia

How a startling insight helped us create 16% uplift in purchase intent for a dairy based product for toddlers in Indonesia.

Hassle-Free Sampling and Feedback Gathering for a Leading Detergent Brand | Case Study | Sri Lanka

How mobile marketing helped to gather over 50,000 reviews during a hassle-free product sampling exercise for a detergent brand in Sri Lanka.

Instant Real-Time Results with Mobile Marketing for Honda | Automotive Case Study | Sri Lanka

Learn how mobile marketing helped a car manufacturer reach 70% of attendees at the recent Colombo Motor Show in Sri Lanka.

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