ADA Reach Cambodia powered by Smart

ADA Reach Cambodia

powered by Smart

Cambodia’s first mobile marketing platform powered by telco analytics​.

ADA Reach Cambodia powered by Smart is an all-in-one platform for your local mobile marketing, connecting you with 7.5M Smart subscribers through text, rich media, voice, and in-app.​

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Sanjid Hossain

Director, Reach & New Products, ADA in Cambodia​

Sanjid is growth-driven passionate tech-marketer with over 10 years of experience in the Telco, Advertising, and Finance Industry.
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Our 5 Core Marketing Solutions

Target Like Never Before

Using data science, ADA and Smart have segmented the subscriber base so brands like yourself can enjoy the most relevant consumer targeting.

Connecting with Your Userbase​

We use the SMS gateway to help your brand connect with your customers through an Application-to-Person (A2P) system that is integrated with your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) database. ​

Real Time and Real Place

Consumers live in the moment and so should you as a brand. Leverage on telco data to deliver your communications at the location and time you want – the possibilities are endless!

Millennials at the Centre Stage​

Reach a wider audience by leveraging Cambodia’s #1 homegrown entertainment app Pleng – it provides you with a unique audience base, as well as  ad or content opportunities

Incentivise and Reward

Drive engagement by incentivising your customers with rewards linked to Cambodia’s telco & digital champions – Smart and Pi Pay.

Telco Inventory Reimagined

In partnership with Cambodia’s #1 Telco – Smart

Responsive– 80% read receipts in 3 minutes

Incredible Scale – Reach 21M devices in Cambodia

Real-time and on-location communication

Enriched by telco analytics and customised solutions – NOT one-size-fits-all

Multi-disciplinary format and campaign objectives

Media integration with marketing channels like TV, Radio, OOH, and others

Digital survey and coupons

Event based marketing

Case Study

Fitne Collaborates with Pleng Music App to Reach 2.3 Million Customers | Reach Case Study | Cambodia

How Fitne’s strategic collaboration with Pleng music app in Cambodia reached and engaged with 2.3 million customer using mobile marketing.

Winning Over The Premium Market for LG with SMS Marketing | LG Case Study | Cambodia

LG Electronics aspired to win over the premium market in Cambodia. Find out how SMS marketing strategy contributed to their success.

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