ADA Reach Business

Breakthrough the clutter and reach your customers with the latest data-driven and integrated mobile marketing solutions.​

Reach Business helps your brand achieve desired business objectives through a 360-experience to reach your customers, engage with them, and reward them in real time.​​​

Simplified enrollment​​

Automate campaigns via an application programming interface (API) integration​.

Discover potential customers and their personas

Advanced segmentation powered by XACT data management platform (DMP)​.

Strategically allocate resources to outlets

Increase up to 98% SMS open rate and as high as 45% response rates. ​

Employ data-driven product strategy

Reporting analytics tools, which allow you to track open rates, CTRs, offers, and redemptions in real time.


How our solutions can help your business:​

Bulk SMS Marketing — Application-2-Person (A2P)

Create personalised messages to your customers.​

Fast delivery, up to 250 transactions per second to your audience. ​

Generate one-time password (OTP).

Targeted SMS Marketing Campaigns​

Target specific audiences via personas based on our data science capabilities and by location via SMS & MMS channels​.

Leverage on Telco Inventory​​​

Deliver Instant rewards, drive traffic via location-based advertising, and display ad placement on top websites and apps​.

Enjoy higher engagement rate with your customer via unstructured supplementary service data (USSD) and maximise efficiency with intelligent call routing.

Case Studies

See how ADA Reach Business has helped businesses reach new customers in the real world.

    Meet Our Reach Experts

    Dai Yoshizawa

    Head of Reach Business

    Shakil Farhan Mithun

    Director, Reach & New Products, ADA in Bangladesh​

    Ruzni Izath​

    Shakil Farhan Mithun

    Director, Reach & New Products, ADA in Sri Lanka​

    Sanjid Hossain

    Director, Reach & New Products, ADA in Cambodia​

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    Sanjid Hossain

    Sanjid is growth-driven passionate tech marketer with over 10 years of experience in the telco, advertising, and finance Industry.

    He was part Grameenphone Bangladesh’s first online communication team. He was also named the “Robi Champion” for his work in Robi before moving to ADA.

    Sanjid has a creative mindset and always aspires to solve any business problem for clients using technology. He is also continuously learning, aspiring to shape the advertising industry using data, analytics, and insights.

    In his free time, Sanjid enjoys it with his family and travelling to exotic locations.

    Ruzni Izath​

    Ruzni is a results-oriented and highly adaptive marketer with over eight years of experience in brand building, product marketing, digital advertising, and business operations within the telco and advertising industry.

    He manages both the telco business and business operations for ADA in Sri Lanka. As a lead, he capitalises on a growth mindset to proactively drive return on investment (ROI). As a tech enthusiast, he is constantly seeking innovative ways to levrage data-driven solutions and consumer insights.

    Ruzni is a graduate from Staffordshire University, UK and holds an MBA from the University of West London. Ruzni spends his free time immersed in online strategy gaming as an avid eSports gamer.

    Shakil Farhan Mithun

    Farhan is a well-rounded marketer with over 13 years of experience across FMCG, media, F&B, and telco industry.

    He previously led the Business Development and Channel Operations teams in Robi Axiata.

    His startup also received funding from R-venture (Robi Axiata’s incubation platform).

    Previously, Farhan was instrumental in the launch of Peyala (one of the most popular coffee brands in Bangladesh), led the marketing team in Radio Foorti (the largest radio station in Bangladesh), and was also involved in account management, customer acquisition, and consumer engagement at British American Tobacco.

    Farhan has played an instrumental role in achieving commercial success for several businesses throughout his career with leading strong teams for various business verticals.

    Dai Yoshizawa

    Dai is a digital industry veteran with over 19 years of experience. As Head of Reach Business, Dai is in charge of developing Reach to help businesses bridge the digital gap.

    Dai started as a producer of mobile content at Lycos Japan. He then joined Sumitomo Corporation where he has held various positions. These include the role of a Digital Business Consultant for the Japan Travel Bureau and a Venture Capitalist in Silicon Valley where his investment portfolio included data intelligence, video analytics, and other internet startups. Before joining ADA, he ran the largest online supermarket in Japan and led its global expansion to China, Indonesia and other Asian regions as executive Regional Director.

    Dai joins us through our relationship with Sumitomo Corporation as Head of Product and is in charge of whole product management, from development to execution.

    On a personal level, Dai loves travelling and has a preference for the outdoors exploring beautiful scenic spots.