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Even though digital media is growing in Cambodia, it has a limited reach of only 10 million – about 65% of the total population. So, how can marketers ensure they stretch their marketing dollars and reach a wider audience?

Now more than ever, the mobile phone is the only device that almost every adult in Cambodia has, and it is the only device that is always ON.

Plus, it’s proven that your return on investment (ROI) improves with more media channels. However, additional media channels don’t guarantee the success of a campaign if it’s not targeted, efficient, and measurable.

Introducing ADA Reach Cambodia powered by Smart – Cambodia’s first mobile marketing platform. With this platform, marketers can leverage on data and technology solutions to achieve better results in sales and marketing.

Why ADA Reach Cambodia powered by Smart?

  1. Scale: There are more mobile phones than people in the Kingdom. Therefore, more Cambodians can be reached through SMS than individual channels like TV or Facebook.
  2. Telco analytics: SMS can be hyper targeted and relevant – it doesn’t have to be mass or generic.
  3. Versatility: A wide range of marketing objectives and content formats can be executed.
  4. Responsiveness:  Even though its reputation is less sexy than TikTok or Instagram Stories, the data doesn’t lie, and SMS is a force to be reckoned with.

Find out more about ADA Reach Cambodia powered by Smart from our ADA experts:

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Hubert Marchand

Country Director
ADA in Cambodia



Davanda Sin

Business Development Lead
ADA in Cambodia



Jimmy Lim

Regional CEO, Indochina

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