Ramadan During COVID-19: A Data-Driven Look At Changing Consumer Behaviour For Marketers

As most of Southeast Asia goes into social isolation, people are starting to fear its effects on Ramadan and the festive period that follows. Neuroscientists are predicting that this could lead to a “loneliness epidemic” which could be heightened for Muslims during Ramadan. The season centres around group gatherings, tarawih prayers at mosques, and breaking fast together as a family.

While it might seem simple for some to say that these practices should be done away with in situations of emergency, it isn’t quite that easy to overlook practices that are considered compulsory and represent an integral part of the faith.

In short, with scientists warning that we may have to undergo social distancing for at least 6 months or more, this year’s Ramadan will look very different. We have to be prepared for a stay at home Ramadan.

Our data experts dived into our data XACT data, with over 375 million datasets, to uncover that:

  1. Offline activities will continue to fall but this doesn’t mean your consumers have disappeared.
  2. Many will seek out online substitutes instead, creating a new stay at home version of Ramadan.
  3. Brands need to make 3 key data-driven changes to their marketing strategies in order to survive.

3 data-driven marketing strategies to capture the “stay-at-home” consumer

    1. Change your perspective with a new consumer lens. Consumers haven’t disappeared, they’ve merely adopted new personas.
    2. Use insights to identify gaps that your brand can fill.
    3. Overcommunicate – don’t leave your consumers in the dark.

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