Reaching Foreign Workers With The Power Of Data

Nano Case Study

The Right Audience

You want to be efficient with your marketing spend, to ensure that each dollar spent will be used solely to engage the people you want to target, and not the ones you don’t.

Xact as a platform harnesses the following:

200 data points

comprising both raw and derived attributes

280 million unique devices

offers a wide array of sources on a monthly basis

Specific data points

Target intended audience by specific attributes

How would ADA use Xact to personalise ads? Here’s a scenario: banks wanting to offer services to Malaysia’s migrant workers.

A brief overview of the audience being targeted:

Migrant workers represent 15% of the working population

According to the World Bank, the remittance outflows of this segment has grown more than 500% in the past 10 years.

They are unable to access banking facilities due to various factors (e.g. lack of documentation, banks too far away)

Opportunity lies in creating specific financial products for the needs of this particular target segment

ADA was then tasked to promote specific banking services to targeted segments from two countries, Bangladesh and Indonesia, in their native languages. Starting from these two countries as a starting point, any learnings could then be applied to a wider campaign to other nationalities.

The Right Approach

With Xact, ADA was able to do the following:

[basel_timeline][basel_timeline_item title_primary=”Step 1″ title_secondary=”Step 2″ content_secondary=”Identify specific audience segmentation including country of origin.”]Gain access to 200 data points to identify audience by origins, current locations, daily behaviour, and language preferences.[/basel_timeline_item][basel_timeline_item title_primary=”Step 3″ title_secondary=”Step 4″ content_secondary=”Mobile ad formats were then used to target workers from Bangladesh & Indonesia using mobile ad formats”]Once the audience segment data procured, it was then uploaded to Google’s DV360 platform in the form of Mobile IDs[/basel_timeline_item][basel_timeline_item title_primary=”Step 5″ title_secondary=”Step 6″ content_secondary=”Additional retargeting ads were also served to website visitors reinforcing the message by reminding them of the services meant for them”]The ads were created in Bengal, Bahasa Indonesia, and English and led people to specific landing pages[/basel_timeline_item][/basel_timeline]

The Right Results

Despite the relatively small audience set the campaign proved to be a great case example of Xact’s capabilities:

20,000 ad interactions over 2-week period from highly targeted audience

Significant number of enquiries to the participating banks

With ADA‘s team of data scientists and engineering team, audience marketing has become efficient, streamlined, and results-driven. This campaign proved just how ADA can deliver real results with Xact and just how powerful data can be.