Burger King Case Study

Built by data: “Best-in-class” campaign with 12% increase in sales

ADA’s ability to work with data in an agile and versatile manner takes most of the guesswork out of running a creative campaign. Instead of ‘gut feelings’ and abstract ideas, we worked with evidence-based strategies and processes and it’s no wonder our campaign achieved “best in class” in the Brand Lift survey. ADA’s ‘magic touch’ is really a science!”

– Burger King (Thailand) Marketing Team

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The Story

As a well-known global fast food brand, Burger King (Thailand) enjoyed a loyal fanbase, but growth had plateaued – this occurred during a 2-year spell in which the brand did not launch any major campaigns.

With their sights set on expanding their customer pool, they embarked on a consumer survey, which revealed that Thai consumers felt the brand was not approachable enough. To refresh their image, they developed and launched a new Thai menu with the aim of attracting new customers.

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The Scope

Armed with an all-new ambition and all-new product, Burger King sent out a simple brief: to spread awareness of their Thai menu over 2 months.

ADA was selected based on our ability to execute a fully data-driven campaign in both the creative and media aspects – breaking the 2-year silence from Burger King.

The Aha! Moment

The ADA manifesto states that all we do begins and ends with data. Armed by this belief, we looked at several solutions and experts to develop a multi-pronged data-driven strategy. This was done with two goals in mind: to be the first in the market with an approach that no other fast food brand had tried before and to learn what makes consumers tick.

The Creative Solution

At ADA, we don’t believe in being creative just to win awards or to look good – we know that the best ideas without the support of robust data and strategy may not be effective. So here’s how we did it:

Leveraging our powerhouse of expert partners.

Thanks to our close working relationship with Facebook and Google, we partnered with them to dig into specific user behaviour and preferences on each platform. This would allow us to create impactful ads that users would most likely respond to. Specific prompt words such as saying “you” 5 times within the first 30 seconds of the video makes it personal to the viewer, and visuals such as hot flames to capture attention and smiles to evoke positive emotions. These insights served as guides for ADA’s video storyboard and script.

Sizing up the competition.

Our competitor analysis showed that other fast food brands served local Thai meals too, but their emphasis was on ingredients and quality of the products. Burger King set to differentiate themselves by creating a distinct identity for the campaign.

Tugging at heartstrings, not purse strings.

So, they opted to focus on the following elements: (1) familiar traditional Thai food, but with the Burger King touch and (2) diverse selection in the menu. To that end, they appointed famed Thai personality Khun Chaiyo Opa who is strongly associated with quintessential Thai culture as the voiceover for the video. Paired with a witty and humorous script, the voice and the visuals became instantly recognisable to the Thai consumer.

The Media Solution

The target audience for any F&B campaign is naturally broad. But instead of casting a wide net, ADA opted for hyper-specific audience targeting on digital-only platforms to secure meaningful returns:

Using our wealth of data to predict consumer purchases

With a combination of 4 tools, ADA extracted multiple data sets to support the media strategy. One of these, Audience Explorer, is a dashboard proprietary to ADA that tracks real-time data based on our Data Management Platform. For this campaign, we gathered data on footfall in specific locations. We then drilled down deeper to their profiles, attributes, and behaviours, which allowed us to predict the likelihood of a consumer purchasing from Burger King.

Accurately identify competitors' customers so we can convert them

So don’t just wait for consumers to come to you - reel them in! As an F&B brand serving a menu that has universal appeal, the main targeting method was focused on location - areas in Bangkok with a Burger King outlet. We chose audiences with an affinity for food & dining, particularly fast food. We used geolocation data to pinpoint areas with high footfall to competitor outlets, and served ads to people seen in those areas to “hijack” customers.

Precision is key

We wanted to win new customers. So ADA excluded those who have already visited the BK website with the new menu and those who had completed viewing at least 50% of the video. This made sure that people weren’t bombarded with our ads.

The Result

The ADA Advantage

What happens after a consumer has viewed an ad? Traditional metrics like reach and impressions only tell one side of the story. Asking the consumer how likely they are to remember and consider the brand gives you real feedback and insight. 

Which is why ADA conducted a Brand Lift survey with Google after 1 week as an additional effort to track the campaign’s performance. Brand Lift is a “measurement of the direct impact your YouTube ads are having on perceptions and behaviors throughout the consumer journey”.

lift in brand ad recall

country average : +12%

lift in brand consideration

country average : +4.0%

Achieved best-in-class in every angle

age group, device type, gender

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