Gaming Moms

How a Startling Insight Helped Us Create 16% Uplift in Purchase Intent for a Dairy Based Product for Toddlers

Gaming Moms

How a Startling Insight Helped Us Create 16% Uplift in Purchase Intent for a Dairy Based Product for Toddlers

The Scope

The Frisian Flag Infant Toddler Growing Up Milk is a dairy based product aimed at toddlers aged between 1-6 from middle income families in Indonesia. Before the launch of this campaign, the brand was faced with tough competition from already established players in the same category, namely SGM, Dancow, Lactogrow
and Bebelac. The brand also struggled with low understanding of the “growing up milk” category in their target segments. Mothers in Indonesia generally relied on “word of mouth” from their friends, or recommendations from their husbands; which made it harder for brands to do precise targeting on digital channels. The client had a two-pronged objective for hiring ADA:

  • To increase brand awareness and engagement for the brand
  • To drive an uplift in brand consideration

The Aha! Moment

As always, we started with data. We looked into the lifestyle and media consumption habits of our client’s target segment and made a startling discovery. A staggering 47% of Indonesian moms were playing some kind of mobile game – which is a serious blow to the typical “Asian mum” stereotype. We decided to leverage on this insight, and we were excited at the prospects. This was definitely an opportunity to stand out to our target segment, with a “clutter-breaking” big idea.

The Creative Solution

We collaborated with an Augmented Reality (AR) technology provider to design three mascots that reflected the three core value propositions of the brand, “Smart, Tall and Strong”. The elephant mascot represented strength, the giraffe represented growth and the dolphin represented intelligence.
Then we built an augmented reality game from scratch, where these characters would blend in with real world elements. The objective of the game was simple: players had to help these mascots reach their full potential by

Once the audience clicked on our ads, it would take them to the mobile gaming site. Here they could play the game directly using their phone camera, without
having to download an app.
The game was designed to communicate a simple message, “Every drop of Frisian Flag Growing Up Milk is filled with goodness that helps your child grow tall, smart and strong!”


The Results

The game itself was easy to play that resulted in strong engagement from our target audience, many of whom came back to replay the game. The numbers speak for themselves. The campaign results were highly encouraging given that this was a small budget initiative to help drive some level of awareness and engagement amongst the target audience.


Overall uplift in brand health scores



Brand consideration

Scored a 28 point uplift vs industry benchmark of 2 points



Purchase intent

87% of consumers said they would purchase Frisian Flag Growing Up Milk after interacting with the game (vs 71% before seeing the ad) which is a 16 point uplift vs industry benchmark of 2 points



Ad recall

68% of the audience who were exposed to the ads were able to recall the messaging (Frisian Flag milk makes your child grow taller).



Spontaneous Brand Awareness

Increase of 35 points vs benchmark of 11 points

Increase in campaign awareness and engagement rate



The campaign achieved a 79.9% awareness and engagement rate, exceeding the industry benchmark of 25-30%!

High engagement scores for overall play rate and game success rate



The dwell time average is around 3 minutes despite the AR game being only 30 seconds, which indicates that the audience who were exposed to the game were playing repeatedly even after they saw the ad for the second or third time.