Samsung Case Study: 

Driving New Customer Acquisition with SMS Marketing

The Objective

Samsung aimed to increase new customer acquisition for their tablets, despite not being a market leader in Indonesia.  

The ADA Approach

Rather than going head-on against the iPad, which resonates more with the high-income group, Samsung saw an opportunity to dominate the mid-income group instead. 

The mechanics of the campaign was to leverage on vouchers from everyday brands such as Indomaret and Alfamart, that provide instant rewards to new customers. Instant rewards can increase a consumer’s propensity to spend by 68%, however the immediacy, personalisation, and segmentation required to fulfil instant reward promotions can be a challenge. Each consumer that redeemed the voucher was also enrolled in Samsung’s loyalty programme, effectively enriching their customer relationship management (CRM) and customer retention in the process. 

We managed to develop an entire campaign process via SMS that managed to see a sharp jump in new customers for Samsung’s tablet devices.  

The Outcome

Over 330,000

tablets sold

and reward redemptions

Over 330,000

new sign ups

for Samsung’s loyalty programme