Data Science

Solid sales and marketing strategy – check.
More budget – check (and yay!).
Using data science for sales and marketing strategy – WHY (and how?).

It has been estimated that by 2020, every person on this planet who is connected will be creating 1.7 megabytes of data every second.

The savvy sales and marketing professional will use this plethora of data to harness powerful insights that can contribute to positive business outcomes by optimising budget and media planning, to increasing lead generation, and even curating content for specific personas.

ADA’s powerful Data Management Platform (DMP), XACT, steps in with anonymous mobile-first data that is captured from 375 million unique devices and 400,000 unique apps.

Learn more about the ADA Data Story and how our data scientists and engineers can help accelerate your business growth.

Simon Samuel

Head of Data Analytics

Simon Samuel
Simon and his team of close to 50 data scientists, data engineers, and data analysts across the region are dedicated to enabling clients to drive value through advanced analytics.
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