The ADA Data Story

How XACT, ADA’s powerful Data Management Platform (DMP) is used to accelerate business growth

At ADA, we have constantly invested into enhancing and expanding our data sources – to date, spending over USD6 million on this effort alone.

But data on its own is just data.

Which is why we have enhanced the hard data and turned it into actionable insights through our data scientists, engineers, and industry experts – over 250 of them across Southeast and South Asia.

The number of data signals that we have to process in order to paint accurate pictures of individuals is not something we humans can do. This is where machine learning, predictive modeling, and Big Data analytics come in – our teams use these to build consumer profiles based on real life interests and actions.


By tracking 375 million unique devices across the region using 400,000 unique apps and 28 ad exchanges, we capture a vast pool of anonymous mobile-first data.

This data covers over 200 attributes including information on telco providers, devices, operating systems, apps, and location information. These form our proprietary Data Management Platform, XACT.



To make our DMP (Data Management Platform) easily accessible by our creative and advertising teams, our data engineering team built the ADA Audience Explorer.

ADA’s Audience Explorer (AE) is a persona-building tool that allow marketers the flexibility of creating and precisely segmenting their intended target audiences. AE has a multitude of data points to filter according to country, state or province, places-of-interest (POI), and the most interesting one – by customer behaviour, such as interest and lifestyle attributes.

Once the filters have been selected, the tool churns out a summary of the total reach, top brand affinities, and top behaviour traits. These are further broken down by age, gender, and mobile operating system.


How can this be put to use?

Imagine two individuals, with similar job and income profiles, looking to buy a car. One is a risk seeker while the other is risk-averse. The natural risk seeker cares about features like how fast the car can go from 0 to 60 mph, and its power to weight ratio. The risk averse consumer cares about its safety class rating.

How do you show them the same product but with different messaging? And how do you tell these two individuals apart when typical demographic features (age, gender, income level) do not allow you to distinguish them?

This is where our Audience Explorer platform helps us determine their real inner portrait based on their digital footprints, and then deliver targeted advertising that brings real business results.


As we started doing more work with various consumer brands, we saw patterns emerging around industry challenges:

  • Little to no insights on competitors’ market
  • Decision-to-action is a serious bottleneck within the organisation (marketing, product, network rollouts)
  • Lack of visibility on distribution network and how effective they are (store/dealer/reseller footfall)
  • Inability to match marketing spend back to specific campaigns
  • Low market penetration in specific/new segments due to brand positioning in past e.g. youths & migrants

We realized that we could build tailored dashboards for marketers facing these challenges, which would tell them not only about their own customers but about their competitors’ customers.

A first of its kind!

The insights from our dashboards would not be based on traditional market research and sample sizes, but on actual digital footprints and actions by consumers, across the 280 million unique devices we track.
To date, we have released a few Business Insights Dashboards (BIDs):

  • Telco BID For the telecommunications sector to detect who is likely to drop out as a subscriber and what to do to keep them
  • Mobile BID Allow mobile phone manufacturers to uncover when consumers are likely to change devices
  • Retail BIDs A suite of business solutions for the mall, automotive, and petrol industries