Coronavirus: Top 4 Video Analytics Trends from Video Analytics and Creation Engine

There is a lot of noise surrounding the 2019 novel coronavirus also known as COVID-19, with over 20,000 videos generated on the subject and counting. As a video creator or a brand looking to create content and run digital marketing around the subject, how do you stand out amidst the clutter and fake news?  

Using Video Analytics and Creation Engine by ADA, we uncovered these 4 video analytics trends that can shape your video creation on the viral (pun intended!) subject. 

  1. The coronavirus is not new  
  2. Explanation videos by the layperson work better than official statements
  3. There is a regional inequality in the spread of information  
  4. You can cut through the clutter if you keep it simple … but be wary of fake news

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1.  The coronavirus is not new

It may seem like novel coronavirus only surfaced in recent months.  However, people have been talking about coronavirus since 2008. Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS-CoV) was first recognised as a distinct strain of coronavirus. The virus then became a pandemic, causing more than 8,000 infections of an influenza-like disease in 26 countries with close to 800 deaths. By 11 February 2020, COVID-19 had surpassed the SARS epidemic by 3.5x and counting, an important fact to bear in mind for your social media marketing campaign.   


2. Explanation videos by the layperson work better than official statements

Data analytics from Video Analytics and Creation Engine shows that comedic news and educational videos receive higher views and engagement over official news videos, and statements from nonprofits and official bodies like the World Health Organization (WHO).  Comedic news get 17% more views than traditional news. Simple educational videos generate 90% more conversation than videos from nonprofits. This shows that simple explanation videos work best on YouTube. 


In addition, people are likely to engage in conversation around videos that seek to provide clarity on the origins of the virus. This explains the high number of coronavirus videos in the Pets & Animals category. 


3. There is an inequality in the spread of information

If you’re a video content creator looking to leverage on the coronavirus trend, be mindful that spreading awareness is important when crafting your content marketing strategy. According to our Video Analytics and Creation Engine, Singapore, Thailand, and South Korea have a low number of videos despite having a high number of cases. Meanwhile, countries like the Philippines, Malaysia, and Bangladesh have a higher ratio of videos compared to the number of reported cases.


4. You can cut through the clutter … but be wary of fake news

There is a lot of information on the coronavirus out there with over 20,000 videos to date. However, videos which work best are those that provide accurate and easy to understand information. For example, the video titled “The Truth About The Coronavirus” by Doctor Mike (yes, he’s a real doctor) has the highest number of comments (at around 32,852).  Don’t forget that information on this topic has a tendency to spread fast, so let’s all be responsible video creators and not contribute to the plethora of fake news out there.



Data from Video Analytics and Creation Engine shows that if you are a video creator wanting to be noticed amidst the noise about coronavirus, it won’t be by leveraging on topics like Chinese women eating bats or piggy-backing on official sources of news. It is better to educate people in a way that is relatable and easy to understand, especially in areas that are most affected by the outbreak but lack information.  

*Insights from analysing data sets focused on Youtube 

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