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With Mainak Mukherjee

Data, and especially an excess of data, means little unless it can be transformed into valuable insights – something useful, actionable, and can create a positive change in your marketing strategy.

That’s why we began identifying various industries where our data can be applied, starting with the first (and closest to us) – mobile devices.

To get in depth knowledge about the industry itself, we engaged Mainak Mukherjee (MM), who has spent the last 20 years in the telco industry, to help us in creating a brand new mobile device dashboard, a business insights tool called – Mobile Business Insights Dashboard (Mobile BID).

3Ditor: Hi Mainak, can you share a little bit about what you do here at ADA.

MM: (laughs) I do a lot! But maybe let me share a little bit of context with you, so you can better understand where I’m coming from.

The mobile device industry is becoming quite a cluttered industry with a few big players dominating the market but also enough challenger brands.

While the giants will spend a lot of money engaging the top creative agencies to come up with award-winning campaigns to help them grab customers and maintain their chokehold on the industry, there are also enough sizeable brands threatening the incumbent brands.

It’s a fast-paced, exciting, and highly competitive industry with a market that is constantly changing.

3Ditor: So where does ADA come in?

MM: In such an environment, there needs to be something that can change the traditional model of how to obtain new customers.

Convey relevant messages to the right people, at the right place, and at the right time.

ADA has one of the largest sources of data in the region which can help us to target people much more efficiently and cost effectively too.

3Ditor: Better and cheaper – how do you do that?

MM: Well we have spent a fair bit of time developing a dashboard specifically for mobile device manufacturers – the first of its kind.

In this dashboard, it is possible to see what devices are being used, where they are, right down to the model, the age of the device, mobile network provider and so on.

With such a deep dive and to such a microscopic view, we are able to uncover really valuable insights.

For example, studies have shown that people will generally consider changing their mobile devices every 2 years. So when you know which devices are over 2 years of age, you know it is the perfect time to target them with special promotions.

The dashboard can also show which model is most widely used in a particular area, which gives mobile device manufacturers an edge when crafting sales and marketing strategies. And the dashboard gives you a view that goes beyond the country or city level, we can even go down to a geohash level.

3Ditor: What’s a geohash?

MM: If you imagine a city broken down into grids of 1km x 600m each, a geohash would be the address of each of these grids.

3Ditor: So you’d be able to see which areas are largely using competitor mobile devices and target them with billboards or buntings advertising?

MM: Well, yes, but it can go so much further. As a mobile device manufacturer, you know your own sales figures, but how do you measure up against your competitors? What percentage of market share do you hold in specific locations? Our dashboard allows you to see and monitor all this, which means that you can manage your sales force more effectively.

Imagine being able to map out locations of their distribution centres against all your competitors, down to the specific model that is performing better.

You could identify if your sales force isn’t supporting a crucial area; there could be too many outlets in a certain area and not enough in others. You can also know which network service providers are more popular in a particular place and perhaps create a special bundle with them to improve sales.

Ultimately, we want to provide better data and information for you to make better business decisions.

3Ditor: Wow, so when will this dashboard be made available?

MM: Actually, it is available now and we already have some clients who are using it.

3Ditor: Can anyone have access to it?

MM: Get in touch with me and I can arrange for a walk-through demonstration to show you what else the dashboard can do for your business.

3Ditor: Ah great, thanks for your time Mainak.

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