CNY 2019: Lions of Harmonious Disruption

That was the theme for our Chinese New Year Celebrations. We wanted to celebrate it full on but with a twist to make it a little more fun. Decorated the office to make it truly memorable, instagramable even. Bring on the festive feel! To go the distance to make it a CNY to remember.

  1. Worked stopped at noon on a Monday morning!
  2. We catered lunch and yup there was a CNY toss.
  3. A lion dance troupe was called in – an LED lion dance troupe.

That’s when the normalcy ended.

  1. Enter our Emcee BibiKpoh and 2 sexy divas.
  2. Broke everyone into teams – gave each team some props and told them they have about 30 mins to form their own lion dance troupe!
  3. Invaded Boost to flash mob them with our lions, Why not?

Nope it didn’t end there.

  1. Presented the best lion dance team – each member gets an extra day of leave.
  2. Gathered everyone into the auditorium and asked them to pluck a red packet from 2 cherry blossom trees – with a pair of chopsticks – and they had 15 seconds to do it in!
  3. Inside each red packet corresponded to a number which corresponded to a unique gift. Your luck la!
  4. There were ang pow gifts – RM 138, RM 88, RM 62, RM 38 etc etc.. But then there were gifts like a hamper of Instant noodles, A couple of cans of tuna, a plastic plant…. T’was really your luck!

T’was a blast out of the ordinary. But we ushered in the Lunar New Year 2019 with a bang, a lot of laughter, but most importantly – together in harmony!

Many thanks to Jason Lim for being wonderful in creating very beautiful and unique decorations to our office and for organising this whole shindig!