WD-40 Case Study: 

Capturing New Leads Through Moments Marketing

The Scope

WD-40 is most commonly known for its function as a rust-prevention solvent. While it is widely used for automotive-related purposes, there are actually over 2,000 other ways to use it! WD-40 sought to change that perception and achieve 3 specific objectives:

  • Create awareness amongst a new segment of users 
  • Position WD-40 as an “all-in-one household product 
  • Generate impact and presence in the online space 

The ADA Approach

The challenge of getting the right creatives that will speak to your target audience can be almost counter-intuitive. Often, creative directors draw from their experience to formulate a creative insight that is then supported by surveying potential target audiences. At ADA, we do things differently by using a simple framework with data leading the way 

Through XACT, our proprietary Data Management Platform (DMP), we were able to gain insights into the target consumers’ demographics, behaviours, interests, and even their personas. We used this full 360 digital “picture” of the consumers to recalibrate the reason why the target segment will purchase the product. We were then able to inform the creative expression to communicate every “moment” WD-40 can help.  

We created over 30 different creative expressions targeted at key personas. The creatives were designed to attract the attention of personas who are looking for quick and quality solutions that are also convenient for them. We then used our data to serve personalised creatives to the personas, each with a different need for the product.  

The Outcome

This campaign managed to change perceptions of the product and also created stronger brand affinity as well as more conversations.

30% growth in sales

80% lower cost per engagement 

765% increase in engagement 

“The campaign is innovative, thorough, and strategic, which is a winning combination. We have struggled in the past with narrow access to data. But now with our partnership with ADA, we are able to run campaigns that are underpinned by a data-driven strategy.”

Daminda Perera, Head of Marketing, DIMO Retail