Automotive Retail Business Insights Dashboard

(part of Retail BIDs suite of solutions)

Find out who potential car buyers are, which stores they visit, and when.
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The Automotive Business Insights Dashboard (Automotive BID) is engineered to provide insights on how businesses can protect and gain market share, monitor footfall of showrooms and that of competitors, discover how to reach out to auto-intenders, and uncover the personas of automotive customers as well as what brands they are most inclined towards.

With one of the largest data sources in the Asian Region, this means that it is possible to track customers, auto-intenders, and market share – at a country level, city level, and right down to a geohash-level*.

Geohash: Parcels of the city broken down by 1km x 600m grids.

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Insights to Action 

Know your customers and your competitors

Strategically locate dealerships

Discover people interested in your products

Employ data-driven product strategy

Utilise insights to drive marketing campaigns

Optimise marketing campaigns