ADA Solutions: The Results


ADA Solutions: Overtaking Customers From Competitors

The Steps

Brand X Oil and Gas aims to be the market leader by 2020 however their market share is now tracking behind the local market leader – Competitor 1.

They needed to measure exactly where their new customers were coming from.

  1. Were they winning over customers from their competitors or just capturing new users to the fuel market?
  2. Were they converting loyal customers from their competitors or just those that switched around anyway according to promotional trends?
  3. Despite a successful campaign how could they determine who are their latest converts?

They needed to dive deep into data and draw real data-driven conclusions to accurately measure where their customers were coming from and ADA found the solution with 3 simple steps.

Step 1

Identify and drop pins on petrol stations of Brand X and its competitors via satellite and street view to create geo locations (identifying geographical locations by means of digital information)

Step 2

Measure and outline the radius of each pin to capture footfall (the number of people entering a retail area in a given time) within each geo location

ADA Solutions Step 3

Step 3

Extracted data signals over the past 20 months from within these geo locations with the data from Xact, ADA's data management platform (DMP)

The Results

After collecting the footfall data within all the geo-locations, through thorough data analysis we were able to draw 3 insights from the data that helped us reach an accurate answer to the challenge.

Insight 1

We collected data of all 5 major oil and gas businesses within the countries we focused on diving into the data gathered specifically for Brand X Oil and Gas and compared it against the market leader, Competitor 1. There was a direct correlation between the footfall for Brand X and Competitor 1.

  • As Brand X increased in footfall
  • Competitor 1 decreased in footfall

Insight 1: Brand X managed to successfully win over customers from Competitor 1.

Data set: We compared footfall share of 2018 against 2019

Insight 2

Next we needed to determine what kind of customers were being converted from competitors. By observing the data gathered we managed to accurately determine behaviour changes in customers.

  • Casual customers increased for Brand X and decreased for Competitor 1
  • Loyal customers increased for Brand X and decreased for Competitor 1

Insight 2: Through the data we were able to draw conclusive insights that the customers gained for Brand X came from competitors and they managed to convert customers that were loyal to those competitors.

Loyal Customers: Customers that refuelled at that petrol brand 70% of the time in 2018

Insight 3

With Xact, we identified which segments worked best for Brand X.

  • Highest Conversion: Corporate Professionals and Social Butterfly
  • Medium Conversion: Health and Fitness, Creative Crowd and Phone Phreaks
  • Low Conversion: Entertainment Lovers and Bookworms

Insight 3: Through the data we were able to accurately advice on how Brand X can optimise marketing strategies, campaigns and promotions and optimise digital spends.

The ADA Difference

Statistical analysis into XACT  enabled ADA to provide a solution that other methods could not have accomplished otherwise. The results drawn were based on actual consumer behaviour as it measured each consumer’s digital footprint thus removing potential bias inherent in survey responses. The data could be traced back through time with relative speed the results generated were also more up to date than going through the traditional market survey process. The outcome was that we were able to generate actionable insights that value-added when it comes to creating data-driven marketing strategies and lend to digital marketing optimisation.

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