ADA Mobile Device Insights Report October 2020


This report’s country in focus is Cambodia, highlighting key elements and useful findings from the Cambodian mobile device landscape.

Readers will be able to gain deeper insights into:​

  • Mobile device manufacturer market share.
  • Performance of mobile device manufacturers in Cambodia.​
  • Consumers’ mobile device age and upgrade potential by specific provinces​.
  • Top mobile device models in Cambodia.​
  • Cambodia smartphone users’ top interests.​

Download the report to reveal Cambodia’s mobile device manufacturer landscape.


ADA’s Mobile Device Business Insights Report aims to provide a macro view of the mobile device industry across South and Southeast Asia. Every report deep dives into a specific country to document shifting trends and differences across the nine markets we operate in.

The Mobile Device Insights Dashboard is designed to help telco network providers monitor their market share and performance against that of their competitors. The dashboard is powered by XACT, ADA’s proprietary Data Management Platform (DMP), which captures a vast pool of anonymous mobile-first data across the region from 375 million unique devices, 400,000 unique apps and 1 million places-of-interest (POI).

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