AXA Mandiri Case Study: 

Acquiring Verified Leads for Insurance Services through SMS Marketing

The Objective

Acquiring highincome individuals and verifying their eligibility for AXA Mandiri’s insurance services.  

The ADA Approach

It’s difficult for many financial services to find the right potential customer that fits specific criteria, as each customer can be a potential financial risk to the business.  

AXA Mandiri needed to reach a specific target audience who are of a certain age, residing within a specific location, and are known to have a high Average Revenue Per User (ARPU). 

Leveraging on our telco-based data, we were able to determine and target a segment who would most likely match AXA Mandiri’s criteria. We were also able to encourage lead conversion with digital rewards through a combination of rich display banners and SMS. We then went one step further by also verifying the leads before they were shared with the client.  

The Outcome


more verified leads

than the target set


higher conversion rate

than the target set