Acquire Finance: Win Customers with a Zero Risk Model

Acquiring new customers in Southeast Asia can be tricky for the Banking, Financial Services, and Insurance (BFSI) industry – especially in these times of COVID-19. Why not try our tried-and-tested Acquisitions model instead?

Our Expertise in BFSI

Data is only as good as the insights you can glean from them. To extract value out of data, and then turn that into solid results, one needs in-depth expertise of the domain. When it comes to helping BFSI brands in Southeast Asia, our experience is unparalleled, having delivered customer outcomes in the following categories and beyond:

Financial Services
• Health insurance customer acquisition
• Eligible leads for life insurance
• Credit card customer acquisition
• Personal loan customer acquisition
• Eligible leads for home loan
• Customer lead generation
• Savings account opening & deposit

Fintech and E-Wallet
• Fintech microlending loan disbursement
• E-wallet user registration acquisition
• E-wallet user transaction acquisition
• E-wallet account user registration & activation

Why Now?

In the midst of the COVID-19 global pandemic, it is natural to feel apprehensive about increasing ad spend. Many marketing managers are unsure whether it is the right time to be spending advertising dollars to increase credit card signups, app registrations, loan approvals and financial services in general.


However, according to the latest Google Trends reports in Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand, demand for financial services remain relatively stable, and some other categories are actually experiencing a boost in purchase intent.

ADA BFSI_Graphs_Thailand_new

Figure 1.

In Thailand, interest in insurance is on the rise


Figure 2

In Malaysia, interest in loans has peaked significantly


Figure 3

In Indonesia interest in Credit Cards is on an upward trend and interest in other financial services are relatively stable despite COVID19 pandemic

Introducing the Acquisitions Model

Stories of spending millions on advertisements and getting zero results is more common than advertisers would like to admit. It gets harder everyday to get that qualified lead that you actually want, and then convert that lead into a paying customer.

If you are tired of pouring massive amounts of money down the media buying sinkhole, and getting nothing in return other than clicks and impressions, and reassurance of ‘brand awareness’, we can help you zoom straight into the purchase intent funnel!

In these unprecedented times, your marketing budget or adspend is more precious than ever, and there is not enough time to nurture a customer through the entire funnel – but what if we told you there was another way, where you only pay for the outcome or acquired customer?

Cost-per-Outcome (CPO) Modelling Journey

Here’s how we come to a cost for your desired outcome:

  • BENCHMARKS – Based on client historic, industry, category, experience, and performance
  • DEPTH OF JOURNEY – Initial lead or mid-lead outcome that is cost and impact based on existing conversion funnel
  • VOLUME – Potential monthly growth in category/product niche
  • RISK ASSESSMENT – Mindful of platform restrictions, attribution alignments, feedback loops for qualified closures, and remarketing capabilities
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Outcome Based

Only pay for solid outcomes like number of customers acquired through our model.[/basel_info_box]

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Zero Risk

We bear all the risk for media buying, you operate beyond all vanity media measurement matrix.[/basel_info_box]

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CPO Review

Review of CPO and optimisation every 4-6 weeks.[/basel_info_box]

The Backbone of Acquisitions for Banking & Financial Institutions by ADA

We’re the only agency in Southeast Asia who can offer the zero risk customer acquisition model. The reason we are able to do so is because we have a massive data lake consisting of 375 million unique consumer profiles that gives us an edge over traditional digital marketing agencies.

Thanks to our XACT, our proprietary Data Management Platform (DMP), we can reach the right customer at the right time in their purchasing cycle. Our razor-sharp targeting ensures we don’t waste a single dime serving ads to consumers who have zero purchase intents, and our data scientists are always hard at work deploying models that are most likely to increase customer conversions.


Case Studies

Online-to-Offline (O2O) Attribution with XACT Insights | Banking Case Study | Singapore

How ADA helped a leading regional bank with a strong presence in Singapore translate and attribute its online marketing efforts to offline customer footfall.

17x Increase in Gross Transaction Value (GTV) | Boost e-Wallet Case Study | Malaysia

A case study on how agile adaptation with data-driven insights helped Boost grow over 400% in a predominantly cash society.

350 Credit Card Sign Ups in Less than a Month | Banking Case Study | Thailand

Data made the difference. The bank needed new credit card users – we got them that and more.

Success Stories


Credit Card Acquisition for a Prominent Multi-national Bank in Thailand

The Objective: Driving business growth in terms of credit card leads


The ADA Acquire Approach: Leveraging our ADA XACT platform consisting of 350 million unique consumer profiles to craft highly accurate audience personas. We mapped the entire customer journey on one integrated platform to ensure full visibility and transparency on attribution from every channel, and constantly optimised campaigns based on final offline approvals to maximise conversions. Our client enjoyed full visibility of the sales funnel every step of the way.

The Outcome: 50% reduction in cost-per-lead while improving approval rate of incoming leads by 10%


Increase Lead Quality from Acquisition Campaigns

The Objective: Setting the benchmark for lead approval on Credit Cards for a prominent global bank’s Thailand branch. This particular branch was getting a lot of leads, but not enough final approvals from those leads. With our data-driven approach, we were able to increase their lead quality by a significant margin.

The ADA Acquire Approach: The ADA Acquire Approach: Create three distinct personas from our XACT DMP platform. Expanded existing audiences by finding similar/lookalike audiences who are most likely to convert and be approved. Remarketed to audiences who left the customer journey for registration until they finally converted.

The Outcome: 32% of the leads generated ended up being approved for their credit card applications. The number exceeded client expectation by 15%.

Our Clients

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