Who We Are

ADA is a data and artificial intelligence company that designs and executes integrated digital, analytics, and marketing solutions.

Our Vision & Mission

We exist to make our customers and people win

ADA is an integrated digital marketing business with a vision to deliver the future of marketing by combining the best of data science, technology, creative and content.

Our mission is to create and deliver compelling and persuasive campaigns that deliver disproportionate business outcomes.

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Our Manifesto

At ADA, it all begins with the Data
Numbers, really. But numbers that paint pictures
Pictures of people and how they live, travel, work and play
Pictures of how they consume
Pictures that tell us stories
Armed with these staggeringly precise and insightful customer portraits
And our capability to seamlessly fuse data, media and creative
We are able to create and deliver compelling and persuasive campaigns
That deliver disproportionate business outcomes
Outcomes that are not fluffy. Or vague
Leads, acquisitions, conversions, & sales – data that measures client’s success
Because, you see, at ADA, it all ends with the Data, too.

Corporate Governance

In alignment with Axiata Group Berhad, ADA abides by the core values of uncompromising integrity and exceptional performance. We commit to conducting business with zero tolerance to any forms of bribery and corruption.

Anti-Bribery and Anti-Corruption
Policy Statement

Anti-Bribery and
Anti-Corruption Policy

Whistleblowing Policy

We have provided a channel for our employees, shareholders, suppliers and customers to voice their concerns in an effective, responsible and secure manner.

Visit https://wrs.expolink.co.uk/axiata to report actual or suspected misconduct, illegal, or unethical behaviour.