Indofood Case Study: 

4 Million Cups of Pop Mie Sold Through Gamification

The Objective

Encourage sales and brand engagement with Indofood’s brand of instant noodles – Pop Mie.

The ADA Approach

Gamification, if done properly, increases the likelihood of consumers buying by 60%, but the mechanics behind it can often be challenging to manage.  

We created a ‘Get Lucky campaign for Pop Mie by leveraging on SMS for reach to a wider audience. Then, we developed an interactive Unstructured Supplementary Service Data (USSD) portal or also commonly known as “Quick Codes”, where consumers could easily enter a redemption code printed on top of every Pop Mie cup. This allowed consumers to receive an instant response and possibly redeem a prize.

The Outcome

4 million

cups of Pop Mie sold

and game redemptions

1.6 Million

unique registrations

and participants