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ADA is a data and artificial intelligence company that designs and executes integrated digital, analytics, and marketing solutions.

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Largest Outcome Based Data & AI Company

Our motley crew of Data Scientists, Digital Marketers & Growth Hackers helps companies drive their digital and data maturity.

Make Better Business Decisions

Business insights, data enrichment and data management platforms to inform business decisions.

  • Consumer and market insights
  • Business insights dashboards
  • Data consulting and analytics
  • Location planning
  • Customer data platform
  • Marketing technology

Understand and Reach Your Consumers

Unlock the consumer mindset and reach them through data-driven creative marketing strategies.

  • Audience segmentation and personas
  • Video analytics and social listening
  • Brand and communication strategy
  • Digital content and experience design
  • Content production at scale

Acquire Customers and Optimise Costs

We deliver business outcomes through end-to-end digital marketing solutions for growth hacking, funnel and goal optimisation.

  • Audience optimisation
  • Media strategy
  • Media optimisation and delivery
  • E-commerce strategy & optimise
  • Digital distribution

Using Data to Paint a Better Picture

Powered by more than bits and bytes (though there are plenty of those), we provide insights into who consumers are as individuals and a collective.

Find out how we delve deep into the data to find the real individuals within.

9 Countries Across Asia

We are an organisation rapidly expanding across the Asian Region.
To find out more, click on the country office. closest to you.


“ADA is engaged, agile, and flexible. From our ability and willingness to learn together, we’ve come a long way. We are confident that our data-driven campaigns will yield even stronger results.”

“ADA helped implement a CRM platform enabling us to reach customers that we otherwise could not. It significantly optimised operations, communications and most importantly leveraged data and technology to help people in need.”

“ADA takes most of the guesswork out of running a creative campaign. Instead of ‘gut feelings’ and abstract ideas, we worked with evidence-based strategies and processes. No wonder we achieved “best in class” in the Brand Lift survey. ADA’s ‘magic touch’ is really a science!”

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